Randy Orton has definitely cemented himself as a legend in the world of pro wrestling. While he has had a long and successful career full of explosive moves and techniques, few signature moves are as beloved as the RKO, or the Elevated DDT.

In order to execute the DDT, Orton holds his opponent in a front facelock, pulling them down from the ropes of the ring and slamming them headfirst into the mat. It is one of the most brutal moves on WWE.

Now, it seems that we finally know the story behind this iconic move. In a recent interview with WrestleBinge, Hall of Famer RVD claimed that he is the one who inspired Randy Orton’s signature move.

I was wrestling Randy one time, and I was trying to get in [the ring]. He kicked the rope when I was coming in, and he pulled me out over the second rope and he grabbed me and boom, he gave me the DDT. Who do you think gave him that move? Right here, dude. That happened one time, now it happens every time. I’m so OG, I either gave everybody their finish, or I did their finish way before they did.


As Randy Orton continues to solidify his status as a legend in professional wrestling, the origin story of his iconic RKO has come to light, thanks to none other than Rob Van Dam. In a recent interview, RVD revealed that he inadvertently inspired Orton’s devastating move during one of their matches. This revelation adds another layer of intrigue to Orton’s already storied career, showcasing the interconnectedness and evolution of signature moves in the world of WWE.

What other untold stories lie behind the moves we love to watch in the ring? Share your thoughts and memories of Randy Orton’s RKO and Rob Van Dam’s influence in the comments below.

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