Nikkita Lyons was diligently rehabilitating from a year-long knee injury that sidelined her from the ring. Despite being sidelined again because of an injury, she remains focused on her recovery and has disclosed her timeline for returning to in-ring action.

Despite her return to televised competition, Nikkita Lyons was observed still wearing knee brace. This is because she ultimately got injured again and will be taking time off from in-ring competition.

Nikkita Lyons provided an update on her recovery timeline during an interview on The Hall of Fame with Booker T and Brad Gilmore. She mentioned that it’s been two months since her surgery and expressed hope to return to the ring by Halloween Havoc.

However, she emphasized the unpredictability of injuries and stressed that she wants to ensure she’s fully ready before setting an exact date. Despite her injury, Lyons remains active and engaged in various activities, including music and community events, reaffirming her commitment to returning stronger than ever.


“It’s been two months since my surgery, and honestly, I feel like these two months went pretty quick, at least for me, because run on the grind every day. But right now, I’m hoping by Halloween Havoc. I’m hoping that’ll be a good time. But also I want to make sure…it should be ready to go. But I don’t want to say an exact, you know, like, ‘It’s gonna be here,’ because with injuries, it’s kind of day by day. Going back to the out of sight, I’m gonna stay active. I’m not going nowhere. I ain’t going nowhere. That’s why I’m shoving myself in y’all face. Y’all are not gonna see this brick house blow down. That’s where I’m at, and that’s where I cross into my music and different forms of art that I can do, still talking to the people, being involved, going to these community events and charity events, like I ain’t going nowhere. I’m just gonna continue to improve in every other way I can until I can step in the squared circle again.”

One thing is definite: when she returns to the ring, she will do so with the same passion and determination that have characterized her career thus far. It remains to be seen whether Nikkita Lyons will be able to return by NXT Halloween Havoc, which will likely be taking place in October this year.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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