Not every WWE roster member can secure a spot on television every week, presenting an ongoing challenge for the company across Raw, NXT, and SmackDown.

Several talents have found themselves on the sidelines, whether due to injury or a lack of creative direction. One such individual is Omos, who has experienced this firsthand. Following his appearance in the Men’s Royal Rumble Match at the Royal Rumble event, Omos has been absent from WWE TV screens.

Prior to the Royal Rumble, Omos had not been featured on WWE TV since SummerSlam, where he made his return after a hiatus following WrestleMania.

In December, reports emerged that WWE sources believe Omos could excel in an attraction role, although no specific creative pitches had been made. Nonetheless, Omos has been wrestling semi-regularly at live events.


During a recent WWE house show, Omos continued to showcase his dominance by securing his 25th consecutive victory over Akira Tozawa, a streak dating back to last July. In 2024, Omos boasts a record of 15-1, following a successful 33-4 record the previous year.

While Omos continues to impress in live event matches, fans eagerly anticipate his return to WWE television and hope to see him utilized in a more prominent role.

How do you think WWE could effectively reintegrate Omos into television storylines to capitalize on his impressive track record and showcase his dominance to a wider audience? Let us know in the comments below.

Steve Carrier

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