During the opening moments of AEW Big Business, fans were thrilled as Mercedes Mone made her highly anticipated debut, creating excitement and delight among fans worldwide. However, her remarks about a WWE return before her AEW debut have rubbed a lot of people the wrong way.

While speaking to Evan T Mack on the Kick Rocks Wrestling Podcast, Mercedes Mone was asked if she would ever make her way back to WWE someday. Mone made it clear that she knows she will return to WWE, as she still has lot of unfinished business.

“I know I’m gonna be back there one day. Like I said, I have a lot of unfinished business in a lot of places.”

According to Dave Meltzer on The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it was noted that Mercedes Mone vowing to make her WWE return rubbed a lot of people the wrong way.


Meltzer suggested that mentioning a potential return to WWE days before starting with AEW may not have been the best timing politically. Meltzer noted that while some view AEW as their preferred destination, others see it as a stepping stone until returning to WWE, which has been detrimental to the company in some cases.

”Regarding WWE, she said, “I know I’m gonna be back there one day. Like I said, I have a lot of unfinished business in a lot of places.” Boy did this one rub a lot of people the wrong way. Time will tell, and quite frankly she should always have it in her mind the possibility of going to WWE, but saying so days before she’s about to start in AEW wouldn’t be the right time politically to say that.

There is a reality that some people consider AEW as the place they want to be and some see it as a place to make money until getting the call to come back. The latter group has in general been more of a detriment to the company.”

Meltzer highlighted Mone’s negotiation process with both WWE and AEW, noting that AEW offered the desired financial package while WWE did not. Meltzer posed a hypothetical scenario involving Jade Cargill or Cody Rhodes making similar statements before their WWE debut, speculating on how WWE would react.

In her case, she negotiated with both sides, WWE didn’t give her the money she wanted and AEW did. Could you imagine Jade Cargill or Cody Rhodes, right before her or his WWE debut saying that they know they’ll one day go back to AEW, and if they did, how do you think WWE would react? In time, this will play out as it does, but the people who were skeptical are now more skeptical. In the end, if she’s a long-term valuable asset to the company nobody will remember this statement. And if not, everyone will remember this statement.

Mercedes Mone also credited the AEW women’s division for move to the promotion. Interestingly enough, Mone accused WWE of taking away her dreams. Nevertheless, we’ll have to wait and see what will become of Mercedes Mone in AEW.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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