Mercedes Mone electrified the wrestling world with her long-awaited return to the squared circle, making a grand entrance onto the AEW landscape in her hometown of Boston, Massachusetts, the sight of their special show AEW Big Business.

However, before she was the CEO, the popular star was known as The Boss Sasha Banks in WWE for many years. She carried the moniker with pride during her entire WWE tenure which came to an abrupt end when she walked out of RAW in May 2022.

Following months of inactivity, she emerged onto the Japanese wrestling scene under the new name, Mercedes Mone, and has carried on that moniker even at her arrival to Tony Khan’s AEW.

During recent interview on Kwani has Questions on NBC, Mercedes revealed the origin of the name ‘Mone’ stating that her desire to earn more and more money was the thought behind adopting the moniker.


“You know I love to make that Mone coz money changes everything, you know so when I was figuring out what is going to be my new name, this voice over me is like ‘what do you want’ I want money and that’s exactly what I got so the moniker is here to stay because I am here to make money all day.”

With Mercedes Mone, who is rumored to become the highest-paid female star in the wrestling business, now officially part of AEW, fans eagerly anticipate the next chapter of her career on this new battleground.

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