Mercedes Mone’s AEW debut garnered attention and praise, with her advocate and producer, Keven Undergaro, sharing insights into her journey. Undergaro, who has been instrumental in shaping Mone’s career, particularly since her departure from WWE, played a pivotal role in crafting her new theme for AEW.

Reflecting on Mone’s decision to join AEW, Undergaro revealed details during an interview on Heal Squad. He recounted receiving offers from Mone’s former wrestling home, as well as from a rival company. Despite a tempting offer from her previous affiliation, Mone chose to follow her instincts and opt for the offer from the rival company. Undergaro echoed her sentiments, emphasizing that the decision wasn’t solely about financial gain but also about the potential for growth, creativity, and support.

“A few months ago, we get a call from her old home saying they want her back. They put out a generous offer. A rival company that exists now also put out an offer. Mercedes is really smart. She went with her gut and she felt the other offer was right. I agreed with her. It had a lot more. Not money, necessarily, but opportunity, creative, and mental help,” he stated.

Undergaro expressed his satisfaction with Mone finding a welcoming environment in AEW, where she is not merely tolerated but celebrated for her talent. He highlighted her star power, citing her appearance on “Mandalorian” and the subsequent creation of nine action figures based on her character as evidence of her marketability.


“It’s nice that, where Mercedes is now, she’s not tolerated, she’s truly celebrated. They see her for what she is, which is a star. This is a girl that, even just being on Mandalorian in her small role, they made nine action figures for her. They don’t do that out of charity, they do that because they sell. It’s nice that she’s in a home now that gets it. It’s just nice to finally feel like I was able to deliver this,” he remarked.

Mone’s debut at AEW Dynamite Big Business marked a significant moment, as she opened the show in front of her hometown crowd in Boston. Her transition to AEW symbolized not just a change in affiliation but also a step towards a supportive environment that recognizes and celebrates her talent.

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