John Cena had been a prominent figure in both the wrestling ring and Hollywood’s glitzy realm. He is currently enjoying the success of his latest cinematic endeavor on Amazon Prime Video, Ricky Stanicky who clinched a staggering accolade in a short while only.

Cena essays the titular role in the film, portraying a character central to a storyline revolving around three friends who adopt the persona of Ricky Stanicky to evade responsibility for their own shortcomings. Not only that, but John also adopted some interesting ways to market the launch of the film in recent memory.

The film dropped on the popular streaming giant on March 7 and in only one week, it amazed the audience with its storyline, production, and quick success.

John Cena took to his X to announce that the movie, Ricky Stanicky has achieved the #1 spot on Amazon Prime Video worldwide. He thanked the platform and the audience that let the film in their homes and showed immense love for the same.


“Incredibly grateful to @PrimeVideo subscribers globally who’ve welcomed #RickyStanicky into their homes! Thankful to the cast and crew who brought this movie (and Ricky Stanicky himself) to life! To the best friend we never had! 🥃.”

Beyond his silver screen endeavors, Cena also stirred speculation during his appearance on The Jimmy Fallon Show by revealing his availability on the day of WrestleMania 40. But for now, it is safe to say that John Cena can bask in the glory of his recent success.

What are your thoughts on John Cena’s new film reaching this milestone? Did you let Ricky Stanicky in your homes? Sound off in the comments!

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