Will Ospreay made headlines after officially joining AEW last year at Full Gear, marking his transition to a full-time member of the AEW roster. He had solid matches in the span of week and has now claimed that AEW offered him a much better deal.

At AEW Full Gear, Will Ospreay made a significant announcement, revealing his decision to join AEW on a full-time basis once he fulfills his commitments with NJPW, which are set to conclude in February. Ospreay’s impending move positions him as one of the premier free agents in the industry, and although he engaged in discussions with various promotions, he ultimately opted to sign with AEW.

While speaking on Talk Is Jericho with Chris Jericho, Ospreay explained his decision to join AEW, highlighting his desire to remain in the UK as a primary factor. He expressed discomfort with the idea of relocating to another country, having previously moved to Japan in 2019, where he enjoyed his time but didn’t feel it was home. Ospreay also mentioned his new relationship with his partner, who wrestles under the name Alex Windsor, and their stepson who recently started school. He emphasized the importance of being near family and friends for his partner, especially considering her past struggles, including the loss of her husband.

“Main thing was, I wanted to be in the UK. I know I’m not going to be exactly comfortable moving to another country. I moved to Japan in 2019, as much as I loved it, it wasn’t home. I entered a new relationship with my new Mrs. who wrestles under the name Alex Windsor, I have a stepson now, she just started school. If you know her story and everything she’s been through, the UK scene kind of knows it, but she lost her husband, and having to pick herself up from that and having to be a mom, a single mom, to losing her husband, it’s going to have some tolls on you, so she needs to be around family and friends in her social circle. I couldn’t bear the thought of moving her away from all of that and having her own on her own again. For me, the main priority was to stay in the UK, but also wanting to up the wrestling because I had done everything in New Japan. I completed it.”


Ospreay felt it was essential not to uproot her from her support system. Additionally, he discussed his desire to elevate his wrestling career further, having achieved everything he could in New Japan. Ospreay praised AEW’s environment, noting the trust and respect he received from Tony Khan upon his arrival. Ultimately, he concluded that joining AEW was the right decision for him at this time, expressing his happiness and excitement for the challenges ahead.

”The viable option was where was I happy and what was I doing? Every time I came (to AEW), Tony [Tony Khan] has given me nothing but trust and respect the moment I came in here. It was the right decision for me at this time. I’m happy here and looking forward to the challenges. It’s the right decision.”

Will Ospreay was then asked if he spoke to WWE as well. Ospreay revealed that he did speak to WWE and revealed that AEW’s offer was ultimately much better for him.

“Yeah, of course, but it was night and day. Even in differences of what they were offering and what AEW was offering, AEW was way better. The scheduling, everything about AEW was completely the right option for me. It was always, you can go be a superstar in WWE and famous, but it’s not as good of pay and it’s not as kind of a schedule. I respect everyone there doing it, but it’s not for me.”

Ospreay wrestled his first match while on an AEW contract at AEW Revolution, defeating Konosuke Takeshita and the undefeated Kyle Fletcher on Dynamite last week. He is set to face Bryan Danielson at AEW Dynasty, so we’ll have to see how the match will turn out.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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