Trish Stratus had one of the most remarkable WWE resurgences last year when the Diva of the Decade became a prominent fixture on Monday Night RAW.

Moreover, the 7-time WWE Women’s champion brought back her immensely popular heel persona that she debuted during the start of her WWE run. Stratus had been a babyface for the majority part of her on-and-off returns to the company before last time.

During recent conversation with Gorilla Position, Trish Stratus revealed the reason for going back to her old roots and putting her bad girl phase on full display last year.

“I wanted to go back as a heel. I had gone back a number of times; I had done the babyface thing. It was a special part of my career being a heel.”


Trish also reflected on her historic rivalry with The Man Becky Lynch and working with some of the best female talents in the world today during her last WWE run.

“I got to go back and work with Iyo Sky, and Bayley, and Becky, and Dakota [Kai], just wow. Raquel [Rodriquez], and Liv [Morgan]. Who would’ve thought that I’d ever go back, and especially watching them all starting to come up and gain traction, who would’ve thought that I’d go back and actually get to mix it up with them?”

Trish Stratus recently teased her final retirement from the squared circle. She stated that she would want it to be in her hometown of Toronto, Canada. With WWE returning to Canada for its major PLE, WWE Money in the Bank this year, we will have to wait and see if Stratus does get her wish to hang up her boots for good inside the ring at the show.

What are your thoughts on Trish Stratus’ heel run in WWE last year? Sound off in the comments!

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