The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes is on his way to either fulfill his long-awaited destiny or lose everything he has worked for in the past year on the Grandest Stage of them all, WrestleMania 40.

Following the turbulent events that transpired on SmackDown last week, where Cody and Seth accepted to face The Rock and Roman Reigns in an explosive tag team match on WrestleMania Night 1 with high stakes involved for his main event title match on Night 2, Rhodes came to tonight’s episode of RAW to address the situation.

In a sit-down interview with Michael Cole inside the ring, Cole began by recalling what happened on SmackDown and how it was his partner Seth Rollins, who accepted the challenge for the aforementioned match, followed by Rhodes himself.

Moreover, Cole also pointed to the fact that Seth and Cody had a long-heated rivalry when he came back to WWE in 2022 and even mentioned how Rollins was the last man to defeat Roman Reigns in a singles bout at the same year’s Royal Rumble event via disqualification.


When asked if that could alter Rollins’ mind to think of himself being the one to end Reigns’ lengthy title, Rhodes took his own and Cole’s own example that people change over time and how he believed that Seth put the business above anything else, let alone his selfish motives.

Furthermore, he stated that the Finish the Story was not only about him and Roman Reigns anymore. Rhodes made it clear that it was for every fan who rooted for him, and every member of his family who believed in him, becoming extremely emotional towards the end.

In the end, he vowed that it would be only Michael Cole to announce at WrestleMania 40 that a Rhodes has become the World champion with his story culminating in the perfect story booking way many believe it is supposed to end.

Do you think Cody Rhodes would finish the story at WrestleMania 40? Sound off in the comments!

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