Charlotte Flair has been enjoying the small joys of life while recuperating from the devasting knee injury that has sidelined her from the squared circle for an extended period of time.

However, in the time she has got from her on-road busy schedule, the 14-time Women’s champion decided to do some good deeds in an effort to make some space for herself.

The Queen took to her Instagram stories to announce that she has donated over 200 of her personal clothing items to a local women and children’s shelter by dropping before-after photos of her closet.

However, Charlotte Flair also mentioned that her closet was getting out of hand with an abundance of clothes she purchased over time and instead of throwing them away, she probably chose to do something good by giving them to those in need.


“For those wondering….This closet was getting out of hand. I was able to donate over 200 items to local women’s /children shelter.”

Apart from that, Flair has been seen rehabbing stronger for her injury in recent weeks, making astonishing progress in a potential attempt to come back to WWE ahead of her schedule. But in the meantime, it seems Charlotte has been making the most of her time to make a change in the world on her own.

What are your thoughts on Charlotte Flair donating 200 items of her own clothing to shelter homes? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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