Tiffany Stratton joined the SmackDown roster earlier last month, and it was evident that WWE had significant plans for her. Interestingly enough, Stratton has now boldly declared that she is the center of the SmackDown universe.

Tiffany Stratton showcased a standout performance in the 2024 Women’s Elimination Chamber Match in Perth, Australia, where she later eliminated Naomi in the subsequent match. Her impressive performances on SmackDown over the past couple of weeks have garnered attention and praise.

In an interview on WWE’s The Bump, Tiffany Stratton addressed the perception that Naomi and others were not thrilled when she joined SmackDown. The former NXT Women’s Champion mentioned that she slapped a couple of girls to make her mark and demonstrate that SmackDown now operates on “Tiffy Time.”

“When I first arrived on SmackDown, I did slap a couple of girls, and I had to make my mark on SmackDown. I had to show these girls that I mean business, and SmackDown now runs on Tiffy Time, so that’s exactly what I did.”


When asked about her position in the women’s division, Tiffany Stratton expressed that she was initially nervous about her call-up from NXT to Raw and SmackDown due to the transition to a new roster and a larger audience. However, she now believes that she fits right in with all the girls on the main roster.

“Before, when I was in NXT, I was a little nervous being called up to Raw and SmackDown, just because it’s a new roster, it’s in front of a bigger audience. But I honestly truly feel like I fit right in with all the girls.”

When asked if she had a message for the SmackDown women’s division on the road to WrestleMania, Tiffany Stratton reiterated that SmackDown runs on Tiffy Time, emphasizing that she is the center of the SmackDown universe.

“I would just like to let all of you women know that SmackDown is running on Tiffy Time, and I am the center of the SmackDown universe.”

Tiffany Stratton’s incredible reactions were also noticed by WWE officials. Nevertheless, we will have to wait and see whether Stratton will end up becoming the greatest of all time one day.

iven Tiffany Stratton’s bold declaration that SmackDown now operates on “Tiffy Time” and her assertion that she is the center of the SmackDown universe, how do you think this will impact the dynamic within the SmackDown women’s division? Do you believe Stratton has the potential to become one of the top stars in WWE, and if so, what do you think she needs to do to achieve that status? Let us know below.

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