Maxxine Dupri is on the path of transitioning from a manager to a serious in-ring competitor which has been evident on WWE television programming for weeks as part of The Alpha Academy, and going in the right direction despite huge backlash against her as seen recently.

While her young career has just kicked off inside the squared circle, the bralette-donning WWE superstar had an interesting connection with a date that became iconic, courtesy of the Big Red Machine, Kane.

During recent interview with Chris Van Vliet, it was revealed that both he and Maxxine shared the same birthday which was on May 19. Van Vliet jokingly stated that they should not mention it in front of Kane, referencing to his nostalgic storyline years ago.

Maxxine Dupri seemed unaware of the Kane-May 19th connection and promised to keep her birthday date to herself if she ever crossed paths with the WWE Hall of Famer.


“You got it, I will keep that to myself.”

For the unversed, a prominent storyline back in 2006 saw Kane losing his control and creating massive havoc when someone mentioned ‘May 19’ in front of him. This was used as a regular promotional tactic for the release of his movie, ‘See No Evil.’

Moreover, the rivalry even saw Kane come face-to-face with an imposter version of himself leading to weeks of heated rivalry and ending with the Big Red Monster dispatching the doppelganger and taking back his original mask.

Would you mention it to Kane that Maxxine Dupri’s birthday date was May 19? Sound off in the comments!

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