Originally, Kenny Omega was slated to join forces with Chris Jericho in their quest for the AEW World Tag Team Championships. Unfortunately, he was unable to compete due to diverticulitis. He is clearly better now, and therefore it comes as no surprise he called out trolls who accused him of ruining the business.

Kenny Omega is viewed as one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time thanks to his incredible matches over the years in New Japan Pro Wrestling, AEW and others. Even then, there are many people who feel Omega is a disgrace to the industry.

While speaking on his Twitch stream, Kenny Omega shared that he also wanted to express something. He acknowledged that, perhaps due to his approach to wrestling and his unique vision for the sport, he has garnered an enthusiastic following of trolls. Recognizing the intelligence of these individuals, he welcomed troll comments on the stream.

Whether someone wanted to play the role of a troll or claim that Omega might have ruined the wrestling business, Omega encouraged them to express their opinions. He expressed openness to differing viewpoints and hinted that if someone engaged with him, he might respond, though he emphasized that it’s all meant to be lighthearted and enjoyable.


”I will say one thing too, for whatever reason, because of what I do, maybe my idea and vision towards wrestling has created this incredible troll following. What would I be without my trolls, right? Very intelligent individuals. Troll comments on this stream, hey it’s welcome brudda. You wanna be a troll? You wanna tell me how much I ruined the business that you love or whatever it is? Share your opinion? I like your opinion. Hey, if you be tapping at me, maybe I’ll clap back, who knows. I’m not sure, probably not, this is all about having a fun time.”

Kenny Omega will continue to get haters no matter what and that’s unlikely to change anytime soon. Nevertheless, Omega will likely return to AEW television soon, so it remains to be seen how Omega will be booked upon us return.

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