After enduring a triceps injury that sidelined him for most of 2023, Josh Alexander found himself contemplating his future in wrestling. However, the setback proved to be a learning experience for the former TNA World Champion.

In recent interview with Fightful, Alexander reflected on his time away from the ring and revealed his newfound interest in production work.

Recounting the immediate aftermath of his injury, he said, “Well, I got hurt. I flew from Mexico to Orlando directly to get the MRI and the surgery all within four days. Then I flew straight to Windsor the day after surgery. No, I flew three hours after surgery to Detroit and drove to Windsor and ended up showing up at the Windsor tapings the next day. That’s when I gave up my championship with my wife and son in the ring and all that stuff happened.” Despite his injury, Alexander expressed a desire to contribute behind the scenes, stating, “Can I still come to work? Can I learn how to be a producer? Can I do all this stuff? Because that’s something I’m gonna be able to do when my in-ring career is over.”

The wrestler also discussed his passion for coaching, mentioning his role as head trainer at Can-Am Wrestling Dojo. “Coaching something is something I’ve done for a very long time at wrestling schools. I’m currently the head trainer at Can-Am Wrestling Dojo here that’s been open for 30 years in Windsor, Ontario, Canada,” he said. “Accepting new intake for April 15th, by the way, I’ll sneak that in there. Coaching something I love to do. You just get the wheel turning. I can look at wrestling after all my experiences, I think I can help people think of things from a different perspective. That’s something I enjoy.”


While Alexander expressed his commitment to continuing his wrestling career, he acknowledged the importance of exploring other avenues for his future. “Being a producer was something I enjoyed as well because it’s something, like I said, I’m going to be able to do after my in-ring career is done. Whenever that might be,” he explained. “Hopefully not for a long time. But it was just important for me to keep working. I wanted to show up for work. I wanted to be around this locker room. I wanted to be around everybody that we built this relationship with over the past five years. I was very happy that IMPACT let me do that.”

osh Alexander’s injury-induced hiatus has given him a chance to consider his future beyond wrestling. While he’s committed to his in-ring career, he’s also exploring roles in production and coaching. This reflects his adaptability and readiness to embrace new opportunities in the wrestling world and beyond.

How do you think Josh Alexander’s experiences during his time away from the ring will shape his future in wrestling and beyond? Let us know in the comments below.

Nitish Vashishtha

Nitish Vashishtha is a freelance writer/contributor from India. He’s written content for companies like ScoopWhoop and Sportskeeda. He’s been writing about pop-culture, current affairs and pro-wrestling since 2017.

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