Wrestlers having creative freedom is something that fans and talents are constantly expecting to see more of in WWE programming. Recently, Jinder Mahal stated that the WWE roster now has a lot more versatility in their promos.

While speaking on Gorilla Position, Jinder highlighted a significant shift in WWE’s approach to promos. He cited conversations with The Rock and Seth Rollins as examples when he was given the flexibility to create his own promotional content.

“Those two promos that I had, one with The Rock and one with Seth Rollins, a lot of that was what I kind of wanted to say and I was giving the freedom of some level which was awesome,” he told “Gorilla Position.” “You’ve got to trust the performers. We are each individual we bring different things, and let everybody shine, right? It’s an exciting time for WWE, it’s an exciting time to be a WWE performer.”

The WWE performer said that wrestlers now have more creative freedom when it comes to presenting promos. He added that this transition has enabled actors to include more of their personal beliefs and thoughts into their character performances, resulting in a stronger connection with audiences.


In recent months, WWE has made several changes as a result of the leadership shift, and this looks to be the most recent example. Wrestlers’ ability to express their own beliefs and thoughts in promos will naturally establish a stronger connection to how they genuinely feel, which should be consistent with their persona. However, Mahal believes that the fans now have a greater voice in the overall product.

“I really believe the WWE Universe, our fans, are going to dictate what happens a lot more on our show now,” Mahal said. “In the past sometimes when WWE was stuck in its ways, this is the direction we are going no matter, however, the crowd is going to react, they’re going to react.”

Recent instances, such as Drew McIntyre’s candid promo targeting CM Punk and The Rock’s unscripted 21-minute monologue on “WWE SmackDown,” highlight WWE’s evolving approach to promos.

Mahal’s comments showcases WWE’s willingness to incorporate personal attacks and spontaneity, proving the authenticity and engagement of WWE programming. Stay tuned to Ringside News for more!

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