Eddie Kingston took part in a storyline early last year in which he “quit” AEW and returned to Ring of Honor. That resulted in Kingston defeating his longtime foe Claudio Castagnoli to win the ROH World Championship. The pro-wrestler recently shared his thoughts on his journey from AEW to Ring of Honor, emphasizing that he does not view his time in ROH as a downgrade.

In a recent conversation with Inside The Ropes, Kingston highlighted his dedication to every show he participates in, striving to deliver his best regardless of the platform. He expressed his belief that labeling promotions as downgrades can limit one’s potential and that it’s a downgrade only if you treat it as one.

“To me, [Ring of Honor] is not a downgrade, I’m still in the ring, I’m still the world champion, and I’m not gonna treat it as a downgrade. If you treat it as a downgrade, then it is. … I look at every show that I’m on as the best show in the world, ’cause I’m on it.”

Kingston added that it’s similar to wanting to go out and having the “match of the night” at every show. The AEW star stated that he does everything he can to make any program he is on as amazing as possible, which is the same approach he had when he was on the independent circuit. He also said that once you start labeling promotions it undermine their own success before it even begins.


“Once you start labeling things, like shows or promotions, as downgrades or whatever, then you’re shooting yourself in the foot before you even get started,” Kingston continued. “Since I’m the world champion, I want it to be bigger than ‘Dynamite,’ ‘Rampage,’ or ‘Collision.’ But until then I’m gonna keep trying until I lose that championship.”

While some fans questioned Kingston’s approach in AEW and ROH, the wrestler stated he didn’t pay much attention because he rarely uses social media. Kingston reiterated that it is not his company or program, but he will do his best to keep them entertained. Stay tuned to Ringside News for more!

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