AEW has proven to be an enthralling and exciting wrestling promotion with the continuous changes and innovations made to their product, recently reflected through the revamping of their presentation.

Tonight’s edition of AEW Dynamite marked the season premiere for the company, complimented with a brand-new set that had been designed with new colors, and graphics infusing a breath of fresh air into Dynamite.

Moreover, the show also got a new opening video with the song titled “POP” by Mikey Rukus. AEW Executive Vice President & Head of Global Production Michael Mansury released a statement regarding the new changes on

“We have a phenomenal partnership with Warner Bros. Discovery, and this is a result of both sides coming together to create the final product. We also have a phenomenal post-production team, with so many great, creative people.”


Moreover, Mansury mentioned that they listened to the fans to bring the old-school vibes back to AEW and hoped that they would appreciate the new look and feel of the promotion.

“Plus, our fans are very passionate. We listen. We’ve heard the calls for the old-school AEW vibes. We believe we’re delivering the next evolution of AEW with a tap of the cap to what got us here. I hope this is a look and feel our fan base is going to appreciate.”

With AEW ushering into a new era, it would be interesting to see what the company has in store for its fanbase with its new ideas and presentation.

What are your thoughts on AEW Dynamite’s brand-new set and opening video? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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