Seth Rollins is always known to be smiling and laughing away stuff during his appearances on Monday Night Rollins. However, his WrestleMania 40 challenger Drew McIntyre pushed his buttons to such an extent that Seth just lashed out all over social media.

On this week’s edition of RAW, Drew McIntyre was asked about Rollins inserting himself into the heated rivalry between Cody Rhodes and The Bloodline.

He labeled Seth Rollins as a ‘spotlight junkie’ who wanted to be a part of every important WWE conversation and stuck his nose in other people’s business where it did not belong.

Rollins would not take McIntyre’s words too lightly and took to his X to vent out his anger regarding fighting hard each and every week so that stars like Drew got major opportunities in their careers.


“Bitch I’ve been fighting with my soul for the last 2 years to make sure jackoffs like you even have a world title to compete for at Mania.”

Drew McIntyre won the Men’s Elimination Chamber match in Perth, Australia, and earned himself a World Heavyweight title match against Seth Rollins, which is scheduled to take place on Night 2 of WrestleMania 40.

With Rollins pairing up with Cody Rhodes in their attempt to take down The Rock and Roman Reigns, we will have to wait and see if Drew McIntyre pulls off some tricks so that maybe Rollins could find himself at a disadvantage heading into their huge title showdown at The Show of Shows.

What are your thoughts on the verbal rant launched by Seth Rollins on his WrestleMania opponent? Do you think it was justified for the comments made by Drew McIntyre? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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