Bryan Danielson has been credited as one of the most technically sound and gifted in-ring athletes of the modern era. While it was his WWE tenure that brought him immense fame and recognition, he recently opened up about something he lost during that time.

The American Dragon revealed in conversation with his wife Brie Garcia that he regretted missing a lot of time with his father, due to WWE’s 300+ day schedule on the road, putting show after show in various cities.

Bryan did mention that while he had a lot more free time to spend with family during his tenure in the Indies, he did not have the same luxury in the global juggernaut and missed out on a lot of things he had planned after his schedule slowed down.

The husband-wife duo discussed the sensitive topic during the latest edition of The Nikki and Brie Show.


“On the independents, I had a lot more free time and freedom to be with my family. I lost time that I would have had with my dad, and then he passed away. When I thought when I was done with all this, when my schedule slowed down and all that kind of stuff, I’d be able to get to spend more time with him and that sort of thing. So I thought, ‘When I’m done with this run, I’ll be able to do this,’ and then I wasn’t. In the last years of my life, I barely got to see my dad.”

Bryan and Brie got married in 2014 and went on their honeymoon right after his monumental World Title win at WrestleMania 30. It was during that time that he lost his father, Donald, but as many would remember, he did appear on the same night on RAW honoring his craft as a way to pay tribute to his dad.

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