IWGP Global Heavyweight Championship Nic Nemeth is eyeing a monumental challenge beyond his current conquests. Once he solidifies his presence in NJPW, Nemeth is eager to reignite a storied rivalry with a former WWE colleague who has ascended to prominence in AEW.

In recent interview with Monopoly Events, the wrestler formerly known as Dolph Ziggler expressed his longing to face off against “The American Dragon” Bryan Danielson outside the confines of WWE. Nemeth and Danielson once shared the squared circle on numerous occasions during their WWE tenure, but Nemeth believes their potential was stifled by creative limitations.

“I’d like to lock horns with Daniel Bryan again, without WWE dictating the outcome and protecting him,” Nemeth remarked. “I want a true one-on-one showdown with someone revered as one of the all-time greats, and to show the world that I’m no less exceptional. I want to go toe-to-toe with him, and for everyone to witness and realize, ‘Oh, Nic’s pretty damn good too.’ No, scratch that – I’m freaking phenomenal at this.”

“That would be a dream come true. While I have a list of Japanese legends I’m eager to face to test my skills, Daniel Bryan is the ultimate goal on the horizon. I’ll lock eyes with him, lay him out with a headbutt, choke him out, make him tap – you name it, I can’t wait.”


Since bidding farewell to WWE in September 2023, Nemeth has emerged as one of wrestling’s most sought-after free agents. Beyond his exploits in NJPW, he has ventured into territories like TNA Wrestling, Game Changer Wrestling, and the World Wrestling Council.

Given the established partnership between NJPW and AEW, the prospect of Nemeth crossing paths with Danielson in an AEW ring for their first non-WWE encounter looms tantalizingly close.

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