Kevin Owens is one of the most gifted and remarkable in-ring performers in WWE today. He is regarded as one of the backbones of the promotion with years of experience under his belt. Now, it looks that he is passing on what he has learned over the years to his son, who aspires to be a wrestler.

In a recent interview with Inside the Ropes, Kevin Owens shared insights into his son Owen’s potential wrestling career. Owens revealed that Owen has shown a desire to follow in his father’s footsteps. However, Owens added that that Owen is not as passionate about it as he was at that age.

 “He’s not passionate like I am. He doesn’t eat it like I did. I was living, breathing wrestling 24/7 when I was his age. He’s not like that, but he likes it. He likes sitting with me and watching classic matches that I choose to [show] him. And whenever he gets to come [watch] live, obviously he appreciates everything. He wants to try, he wants to start training.

I’m in no rush. He’s 16. I started when I was 14, and while I’m thankful for all the experience, it was probably too early. He can take his time. He’s just turned 16, He’s six-foot-seven around 280 [pounds] and he’s still growing I think. I think if he wants to he has the tools to have a pretty good career if he were to choose.


Despite Owen’s less intense passion for wrestling compared to his father, Owens emphasized that Owen still enjoys watching wrestling, particularly classic matches. Owens also revealed that Owen has expressed interest in starting training and exploring the wrestling world further.

However, Owens clarified that he is in no rush to push Owen into wrestling, recognizing that starting too early, as Owens did at 14, may not be ideal. Given Owen’s age of 16 and his physical characteristics, standing six-foot-seven and weighing roughly 280 pounds, Owens feels Owen has the potential for a great wrestling career if he chooses to pursue one.

Only time will tell if Owen manages to build as amazing career as his father in WWE.

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