A plethora of superstars of the wrestling industry have found it cool to showcase a tattoo on their body. While many have them to enhance their characters, many have also added one to give tributes to their fellow wrestlers. Former DX member, Road Dogg, got a tattoo on the back of his head a few years ago. 

Millions were shocked to see the wrestling veteran get a tattoo on the back of his head in his 50s. While getting a tattoo wasn’t quite a topic of discussion, choosing the back of his head among his whole body for getting a tattoo was. 

On recent episode of his podcast, Oh You Didn’t Know, Dogg revealed the story about his tattoo. The veteran explained that it was a tattoo of a cow skull with feathers hanging on it, something like a dreamcatcher. He also stated that getting the tattoo on the back of his head wasn’t quite a problem for him. Rather, his tattoo artist had quite a job because the needle kept on breaking. 

“I did not lose a bet or anything. It’s what it is: a cow skull. It’s basically a dreamcatcher on the back of my head and it’s like a cow skull with some feathers hanging off of them. So yeah, I thought it was like a dreamcatcher. And look, I went to the tattoo studio because the tattooist was also my weed guy. ..It didn’t hurt as bad as — he broke like for tattoo needles doing it. And like, I would just hear it go, ‘What was that?’ ‘Nothing. I’m just gonna change the needle real quick.’ And so yeah, I don’t know if it was my hard head or him pressing hard or whatever…”


Road Dogg currently serves as the Senior Vice President of Live Events in WWE. The legend’s tattoo story is one of the many amazing stories that he has been sharing in recent years. Stay connected to Ringside News to get the latest updates on Road Dogg’s stories and WWE. 

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Ishaan Rathi

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