Recent rumors circulating on the internet suggested that Ricky Starks, a prominent wrestler AEW, might be a free agent with his contract coming to an end. However, those rumors have been proven to be false.

According to a report by Fightful Select, sources within AEW to clarify Starks’ contractual status, and they confirmed that his contract is still active. Additionally, individuals close to Starks have also verified that his deal with AEW has not expired.

“On March 2, unfounded internet rumors emerged claiming that Ricky Starks was a free agent and his AEW deal was up. Fightful asked around within AEW and were told that would be news to them, and also confirmed with those close to Starks that his contract is not up.”

Despite not appearing in AEW since losing the AEW Tag Team Titles alongside Big Bill, there has been no official explanation for his absence or information regarding the timeline of his contract expiration. Nevertheless, it has been confirmed that Ricky Starks remains a member of the AEW roster.


As previously noted, WWE has been interested in signing Ricky Starks dating back to last year. Better Wrestling Experience, known for breaking many insider stories, reported back in September that WWE has high interest in the AEW Star.

“There’s a very high interest from WWE on potentially landing Ricky Stars when he becomes a free agent. Keep in mind that Cody Rhodes and Ricky Stars are very close friends.”

It remains to be seen if Ricky breaks away from AEW and heads to WWE. Ringside News will continue to keep you updated on his status, so keep checking back.

When Ricky Starks’ contract does run out, what would you like to see him do? Stay with AEW, jump ship to WWE? Let us know in the comments below.

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