WWE RAW standout Zoey Stark is capitalizing on her momentum from a breakout year in 2023 by introducing a bold new merchandise design that pays homage to an iconic Attitude Era symbol.

Taking to Twitter, Stark unveiled an image reminiscent of the classic RAW is WAR logo, cleverly reimagined as ‘Stark is War.’ With her partnership alongside Shayna Baszler gaining traction in the women’s tag team division, Stark’s latest move aims to further solidify her presence both in and out of the ring.

In a subsequent tweet, Stark tagged WWE Shop, hinting at plans to hopefully feature the design on a t-shirt in the near future. She wrote,@WWEShop just saying 😉.”

While Stark’s merch idea taps into nostalgic sentiments among fans, she’s not the first to leverage the classic RAW is WAR logo for branding purposes. Previously, Kevin Owens famously incorporated the logo into his ‘Kevin Owens Show’ design, underscoring the enduring popularity of the Attitude Era.


As Stark’s design gains attention, fans eagerly anticipate its release, eager to show their support for the rising WWE star. That’s only if the company does decide to do so. We will keep you updated.

Steve Carrier

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