Becky Lynch has made her fair share of rivals on the path of rising as WWE’s marquee attraction. One of them is notably Nia Jax, somebody Becky has had a major dislike for, and recently she spilled the beans on the locker room’s perception of the Irresistible Force.

It has been well documented that Nia Jax’s hard punch on Becky Lynch’s face in 2018 was one of the reasons for The Man’s major push that led her to the main event of WrestleMania 35. Moreover, both women have had their personal differences with each other over the years.

In recent interview with Sony Sports Network, Lynch was asked about her and Rhea Ripley working together, despite being on the opposite ends, to send Nia Jax packing on the go-home edition of RAW for WWE’s recent PLE, Elimination Chamber.

The Man openly stated that everyone in the WWE women’s division, much like herself, does not like Nia Jax and leaves no collective opportunity to get rid of her.


“Look, I have said it before. The women’s locker room agrees on nothing, absolutely nothing, other than, nobody likes Nia Jax and so I think whenever she is in the mix, you gonna see a lot of people working together to get rid of her.”

Becky Lynch has currently the same woman in sight to dethrone who helped her combat the dominant Nia Jax on RAW, Rhea Ripley. Following her victory in the Women’s Elimination Chamber match in Perth, Australia, she is now slated for WWE Women’s World title match against The Eradicator at WrestleMania 40, adding one more mega match to her already established resume.

What are your thoughts on Becky Lynch revealing the women’s division’s perception of Nia Jax? Are you shocked by her response? Sound off in the comments!

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