Sting has been with AEW for over three years and is currently involved in a significant storyline leading to his retirement this week. Tony Khan has now made it clear he would love to have Sting back after his retirement.

In case you missed it, Sting is set to have his final match on March 3rd at AEW Revolution 2024. The WWE Hall of Famer is scheduled to team up with Darby Allin to defend their AEW Tag Team Championships in a tag team tornado match against the Young Bucks.

During the AEW Revolution media call, Joel Torres from Contralona inquired about Sting’s upcoming retirement. In response, Tony Khan expressed his desire for Sting to remain connected with AEW, suggesting that he would be welcomed back in any capacity. Khan mentioned that Sting had joked about returning and putting on a headset, which he embraced. Khan highlighted Sting’s passion for wrestling, emphasizing that his return in 2020 wasn’t financially motivated but driven by his love for the sport and the fans.

”Sting, I hope will remain with us in spirit forever. I believe he’ll be affiliated with us. Last night, he joked he was going to come back and throw on the headset. I would love that. I think we would all love for Sting to come back and be a part of the show. Sting is always welcome here. One thing about Sting, when he did this comeback, especially the hardcore fans of wrestling who know all the inner workings and details of the industry, may appreciate this. When he came back in 2020, he did not need the money. Sting is very well off and has earned a lot of money in his career and has taken care of it very well. He’s a great person and has made great investments. He does this because he loves it. He loves the fans and he wanted to have a great run in wrestling and for these past three years, that’s exactly what we’ve done.


Tony Khan acknowledged that Sting’s final match at AEW Revolution would be a significant moment, expressing admiration for the incredible run Sting had over the past three years. He mentioned that while there are no locked-in dates or contracts for Sting’s return, the door is always open for him at AEW.

Khan emphasized that Sting is considered the greatest legend at AEW and has contributed to some of the company’s most memorable moments. After the final match, Khan mentioned that Sting could take time for himself and his family, and the decision to return would be left to him. Overall, Khan conveyed gratitude for Sting’s contributions and expressed excitement about his well-deserved send-off.

For me, I would love to have Sting back in AEW at any time, and I know he said he would like to comeback. We won’t hold him or force him to come back at any point. It’s not like we’ve locked in dates where he’s definitely going to be there, or contracted him. It’s going to be really nice after three years of pushing himself and have the longevity in his career that all wrestlers can aspire to and dream of, now is a great time for Sting to take time for himself and his family after this. Whatever the result is on Sunday, Sting can take pride that he’s had the most incredible final run that I can remember.”

We’re excited about the final match, and after that, we’ll see how Sting feels and I’m going to leave that to him. He knows the door is open and he’s welcome at AEW forever and we definitely want Sting representing AEW for as long as there is an AEW because to me, he’s our greatest legend and has been part of some of our greatest memories in the short history of AEW and in my lifetime, part of some of the greatest memories in all of pro wrestling. That’s why he deserves this send off so much that he’s getting.”

WWE’s stance on talent attending Sting’s final match has been revealed as well. We will have to wait and see whether The Icon will end his illustrious in-ring career on a high note at AEW Revolution.

What role should Sting be in after his retirement in AEW? Let us know in the comments section below!

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