Jade Cargill had kept a close watch on the 14-time WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair ever since she ruled the reins of the AEW women’s division. With Flair recuperating from her knee injury, Cargill sent out a message to motivate her amidst her amazing progress.

As mentioned, Charlotte Flair suffered a torn ACL, MCL, and meniscus injury back in December 2023 in an intense match against her long-time rival, Asuka on SmackDown.

Since then, Flair underwent successful surgery and has been putting tremendous effort into rehabbing her knee to return to the ring way ahead of her nine-month timeline. She recently took to her X to announce her 8-week progress, doing some heavy-weight squats.

“#8weeks new goals. new mindset. new focus. new intentions. 🦋💎👸🏼.”


Jade Cargill, who is now on the same roster as Flair, took to her X to applaud The Queen on her spectacular effort in a possible attempt to motivate her.

“LFG! This is insane 😍💪🏾”

Both Charlotte Flair and Jade Cargill have traded multiple back-and-forths for a long time on social media. Moreover, they even came face-to-face in backstage segment on SmackDown before The Queen was sidelined with her unfortunate injury.

So it would be interesting to see this highly anticipated showdown between Jade and Charlotte once she recovers from her injuries and makes her way back to the squared circle.

What are your thoughts on Charlotte Flair’s recovery progress? Sound off in the comments!

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