Drew McIntyre has been surging with momentum lately, but his journey to the apex of the WWE main event scene has brought him into conflicts with several superstars, notably the formidable and commanding faction, The Bloodline.

Lance Anoa’i, an unaffiliated member of The Bloodline, recently commented on McIntyre’s interference in his family’s affairs, stating, “@DMcIntyreWWE keeps stirring up trouble with the wrong Family! #wwe #raw #revenge #2019”

Lance further elaborated on his tweet in recent interview with Steve Fall by mentioning all the Bloodline members Drew McIntyre had run-ins with over time and warned him to think twice before getting in the way of perhaps, one of the strongest units in the history of WWE.

“I’m just letting him know, man, he’s messing with the wrong family. You know? He went after me. He went after Jey. He went after Roman. Man, you better watch who you mess with man. Because you know, we got a big family. You just don’t know who’s next.”


Lastly, Lance brought up his own personal beef with The Scottish Warrior from 2019 when he was aligned with Shane McMahon. Lance had made his debut on RAW at the time the aforementioned duo were involved in a heated rivalry with his cousin, Roman Reigns.

“Yeah, man I got a little roughed up man but you know he got me from behind and took a pretty good one against the steel stairs and then you know against the corner post, but I like to see him face to face man.It was hard to breathe when I hit the corner of the steel stairs. That was pretty much it and then just trying to fight through but you know, nothing’s gonna stop me man. My debut on Raw, especially against Shane McMahon. So, just had to fight through everything like we always do, man we’re just a bunch of savages trying to make it.”

Speaking of his altercations with the Bloodline, Drew McIntyre is scheduled to battle Jey Uso on next week’s edition of Monday Night RAW after a brawl broke out between the duo this week on the flagship show.

Do you think Drew McIntyre would take Lance Anoa’i’s warning into consideration? Sound off in the comments!

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