The WWE universe has been abuzz with anticipation as Cody Rhodes continues his momentum leading up to WrestleMania 40, with speculation swirling around his potential match against none other than The Rock. However, recent developments have thrown a twist into the mix, hinting at a potential alteration to a major match involving Cody Rhodes.

At the recent Elimination Chamber Premium Live Event, Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins found themselves in the spotlight during the Grayson Waller Effect segment. It was here that Rhodes issued a direct challenge to The Rock for a one-on-one match, “any time, any place.” Rollins added fuel to the fire by suggesting that facing The Bloodline is never a true one-on-one affair, hinting at potential backup for Rhodes in the future showdown.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer shed light on the situation, indicating uncertainty surrounding whether WWE is veering away from the originally planned tag format or if the singles challenge is merely setting the stage for a larger storyline. However, Meltzer advised fans to “stay tuned,” hinting at significant developments in the coming days.

“Cody issued a challenge to a singles match for The Rock. That will be discussed on Friday. I don’t know if they are getting away from the tag and going to a singles or if it’s just to setup for the tag. I was just told to ‘stay tuned,’ because it’s all going to play out. Originally it was the tag, but Cody definitely made a challenge for a singles and The Rock is going to answer it on Friday. So, something’s going down in that direction this week.”


With The Rock scheduled to appear on this week’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown, fans eagerly anticipate his response to Cody Rhodes’ bold challenge. The Rock’s reaction may provide clarity on whether the showdown will manifest as a singles match or a tag team affair.

As excitement mounts for the potential clash between Cody Rhodes and The Rock, fans are left pondering: do they prefer to see Rhodes square off against The Great One in a singles showdown, or would they relish the spectacle of a tag team bout? Share your thoughts and preferences in the comments section below!

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