Vince McMahon is a highly debated figure in the history of professional wrestling, marked by numerous stories that often prompt fans to scrutinize his actions. Following his lawsuit scandal, RVD is now convinced McMahon has ties to the mafia.

Vince McMahon is currently confronting allegations of sexual trafficking and misconduct from former WWE employee Janel Grant. In her lawsuit, Grant claims that McMahon disseminated explicit content of her without consent, implicating other WWE personnel, undisclosed executives, and wrestling stars.

While speaking on his 1of A Kind Podcast, RVD and Sabu talked about Vince McMahon’s allegations. RVD stated that he believes Vince McMahon has ties to the mafia and Sabu agreed with him.

I am expecting to hear something about Vince and the mafia eventually, you know. Yeah, you know he’s got to be tied up in the mafia. There were certain years you couldn’t do anything in New York without working with them, his dad worked with them they ran the Arenas and the and the entertainment business pretty much everything you know at one point, so I know there’s some stories there yeah.


The WWE Hall of Famer would then mention how he read the 67-page lawsuit and realized that some of the texts Vince McMahon sent Janel Grant were actually about the mafia and not powerful lawyers.

”In that in that 67 page complaint too, that I read uh, he had sent her some things with allegedly, which I took to mean lawyers but it depends on how you read it. When he was like, ‘Hey you can’t you can’t give me any problems on this. I have phone numbers on speed dial, I have contacts on speed dial in my phone, they solve problems instantly. Things of that nature and at the time I was thinking it read like I thought he met like big ass High powerful lawyers but now I’m thinking [imitates gun] someone will knock her off.”

Female WWE talent are also being contacted by multiple news reporters following Vince McMahon’s scandal. Nevertheless, someone like Vince McMahon would certainly have ties with the Mafia, so fans won’t be surprised if it turns out to be the truth.

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