Nick Hogan, also known as Nicholas Bollea, the son of WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan, attended a pre-trial hearing on Friday, February 23, in Pinellas County Court, Florida.

Originally scheduled for January 17, the hearing had been postponed. At the recent hearing, the defense requested and was granted a motion to further delay the proceedings, with the new date set for April 13.

Bollea’s arrest occurred on November 18, 2023, at 4 AM in Clearwater, FL. He was apprehended upon returning home from a bikini contest hosted at his father’s restaurant. Refusing to submit to a breathalyzer test upon his arrest, Bollea’s conduct drew attention from law enforcement.

According to the arrest report, Bollea’s 2021 Dodge Ram approached a traffic stop set up by officers. Despite signals to pull over, he failed to vacate the median lane and maintained speed. Authorities recorded him driving at 51 miles per hour in a 40 mph zone before initiating a stop. Bollea exhibited signs of impairment, including a strong odor of alcohol, swaying balance, and bloodshot, glassy eyes. Subsequent field sobriety tests indicated poor performance.


Police bodycam footage, subsequently posted on YouTube, captured Bollea’s initial denial of consuming alcohol. He later attributed the odor to kissing his girlfriend, who had been drinking. Notably, Hulk Hogan, Nick’s father, arrived at the scene following the traffic stop.

On December 21, 2023, Bollea’s legal team filed a motion seeking permission for him to enter venues serving alcohol to fulfill his DJ responsibilities. A court order had previously barred him from such establishments as a condition of his release. However, Bollea requested an exception for work-related purposes. The court has yet to issue a ruling on this motion.

Bollea has waived his right to a speedy trial.

Bollea gained previous media exposure through appearances on the reality series “Hogan Knows Best” on VH-1, as well as occasional appearances on WWE and WCW programming.

A decade prior, Bollea was involved in a driving incident resulting in permanent disability for family friend John Graziano. Speaking to a local ABC affiliate about Bollea’s recent arrest, Graziano’s mother expressed dismay, citing it as a display of disrespect for the impact of his past reckless driving. She expressed hope for Bollea’s eventual turnaround.

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