The Miz had the most unusual experience on last night’s edition of Monday Night RAW, finding himself locked inside the RAW locker room, an hour prior to the show starting in San Jose, California.

Miz let the fans know about being confined in a room at the SAP Center, which was the sight for WWE’s flagship show this week via his Instagram.

Despite the best efforts by the WWE crew and personnel, they were not able to get the Awesome One out of the premises, as the crew were audible trying everything to unlock the door.

However, The Miz revealed on his Instagram how he was freed from the confinement. A member of the crew crawled into the locker room by removing the vent from the cut-out in the door and bringing equipment that helped in opening the door and freeing The Miz.


The Miz would surely take precautions the next time he enters a WWE locker room on his own. He was spotted on RAW’s televised programming in a backstage segment with R-Truth and the DIY making it on time for the show.

Do you credit The Miz’s genius for escaping through the trap door to make it for RAW at the scheduled time? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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