The Undertaker, a prominent figure in the locker room, recently discussed the evolving dynamics of WWE’s backstage culture on his Six Feet Under podcast.

When asked about who might assume the mantle of locker room leader in today’s WWE, Undertaker reflected on the changing landscape of the company. He expressed uncertainty about the existence of such a figure, given his infrequent presence. He noted a significant shift in culture, suggesting that the current environment leans more towards self-policing among the wrestlers.

“I’m not there that often and I don’t know that there is that person. I think the whole culture has changed so much, that I think it’s kind of — I don’t know this for certain, it’s just my assumption, everything’s kind of self-policed,” he said. “If there is somebody that’s kind of screwing things up, usually everybody’s got one or two people that they’re really, really, really, really close with, but I don’t know. I don’t know if they have that one person that’s willing to assemble the group and cuss them. I say that as kind of a halfway joke. I also was the first one to pat them on the back for tearing down the house.”

Undertaker pondered whether there is still someone willing to rally the group and enforce discipline, albeit with a touch of humor. He recalled his own role in the past, both reprimanding and encouraging his peers. However, with the current landscape where many top talents have their own buses and prefer to stay isolated, he questioned the feasibility of such leadership.


“I don’t know. There could be [a designated locker room general], but I don’t know who that would be. The culture is really different. Most of the top guys all have buses and stay on their buses.”

Reflecting on his own career choices, Undertaker humorously mused that perhaps investing in his own bus and securing more rest could have prolonged his in-ring career.

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