Former Impact World Champion Steve Maclin had a lot of momentum since his debut in TNA until an injury slowed him down. He’s been with the company for nearly two years and has experienced all of the ups and downs. He recently talked up about his experience working for the company and praised the TNA locker room.

During an interview with Fightful, Steve talked about the positive evolution of the locker room since his arrival in 2021. He emphasized its familial nature and noted that it keeps getting better and better. He added that any potential conflicts or drama within the locker room are swiftly addressed and resolved.

“It gets squashed quickly and if there ever is drama, which there never really is, everybody in the locker room in TNA, since I’ve been there since 2021 ‘til now, it just keeps getting better and better. It’s family oriented where everyone just pushes each other to work hard, go out there and kill it. Wherever you’re fighting on the card, everybody’s doing their part for where they’re at. It’s awesome. You ask me about being on the pre-show. That just means I get to set the tone for the night. Going to guys and going, ‘Hey, you guys doing this spot?’ ‘Cause we have a cool ramp here at the Palms. ‘Oh, me and Rich are coming up with ideas.’ ‘Save that for the later card.’ ‘Cause you could be selfish in certain ways, but the boys are gonna be doing something later. The tag match is probably gonna do some craziness. Everybody works to help everybody, and that’s the one good thing and everybody’s supportive of everybody. We are a family. It’s funny, we’re all saying goodbye tonight to each other, and it’s like, ‘I’ll see you in a few days.”

It should be noted that many wrestlers and celebrities have openly lauded TNA/IMPACT Wrestling’s locker room throughout the years, with some even dubbing it the finest locker room in wrestling industry. Those stars frequently compliment the locker room environment for the excellent friendship and support they all provide one another.


Despite the competitive nature of professional wrestling, Maclin highlighted the selflessness and trust that spreads throughout the TNA’s roster. It appears the promotion is going through all the hoops to cultivate a supportive culture within the locker room.

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