WWE just can’t seem to shake off the negative PR surrounding their business. The World Wrestling Federation (now WWE) was a powerhouse in the entertainment business in the late 1980s, enthralling millions with its combination of athleticism and theatrics. However, beyond the sparkle and glamour lurked a darker side, which former WWE star Nick Kiniski has now exposed.

Former WWE (WWF) star Nick Kiniski shared shocking allegations about his time in the company, particularly involving WWE official Terry Garvin. Kiniski revealed on the Pollock & Thurston podcast that Garvin frequently propositioned him for oral sex, promising him a push on television if he agreed.

“He would come up to me and hit on me … I won’t say what he said, but you’ll understand the meaning behind it. He says ‘Hey Nick, let me perform oral sex on you, you can read a Playboy and you’ll have it made for life.’ And, you know, he is my boss, he controls my boss. This is my livelihood, what I want to do, I kind of joked with him, I said ‘Hey Terry, you know, I’m not that way. But if I ever change, you’ll be the first. I’ll let you be the first.’

We just kind of laughed it off. But he was always kind of coming up and joking, and one time he came to my hotel room late at night and I told him to leave. Knocked at the door. So, it put me in a very awkward position, you know?”


Kiniski recalled feeling uncomfortable and forced during these interactions, since Garvin allegedly continued despite being rejected. Despite Kiniski’s attempts to bring the matter to Vince McMahon’s attention, the harassment apparently persisted. Kiniski alleged that McMahon assured him that he would handle the situation, but Garvin’s actions continued, causing Kiniski further frustration.

“He reiterates that Garvin promised to make him a made man: There’s no doubt about it. ‘Hey, if you let me do this, you’ll have it made for life financially.’ I mean, there’s no other way to take that.”

“I remember where it was, it was in Milwaukie, Oregon, we wrestled in Portland. I called Vince, and I said ‘Hey, Vince, I don’t think this is right. Terry’s hitting on me. I don’t appreciate that and I would like it to stop.’ And Vince said ‘Oh, ok. I’ll deal with it.’ And that was it.”

“Nothing changed. [Garvin would] still say ‘Hey, have you thought about your proposition?’ as he walks by in the dressing room.”

This alleged lack of intervention from the company’s top leadership added to Kiniski’s discomfort and frustration. Kiniski also revealed how he suffered repercussions for speaking up against Garvin’s attempts. He stated that he was penalized by being withdrawn from home show events, which caused him financial losses.

“I talked to Vince, I said ‘This isn’t right, Vince. I complain, and now you guys are punishing me. I’ll finish my bookings, but I’m not putting any guys over. Put me in the ring we’ll see what happens.’ Vince knows I could take care of myself, so he said ‘No.’ I said, ‘I’m done.’ I said,‘I’ll finish my matches,’ ‘Nope, you’re done now.’ ‘Thank you very much.’”

These revelations come amidst a growing wave of allegations and lawsuits against WWE, with Vince McMahon currently under federal investigation following a lawsuit by Janel Grant. As more former wrestlers speak out about their experiences, the spotlight on WWE’s internal culture and handling of harassment allegations continues to grow. Stay tuned to Ringside News for more!

What do you think of Kiniski’s allegations? Do you think there was something much bigger going on behind the scenes at WWE? Let us know in the comments!

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