Tiffany Stratton already has had a remarkable start to her main roster run in WWE. However, the events that transpired at WWE’s recent PLE, Elimination Chamber in Perth, Australia are a clear indication that tiffy time is here to stay.

The former WWE NXT Women’s champion was a part of the Women’s Elimination Chamber match at the namesake event alongside some of the top-tier and far more experienced WWE superstars.

But that did not stop her momentum and Tiffany displayed one of the most mesmerizing and exhilarating performances. From going head-to-head with all competitors to some breathtaking moves and dives, Stratton left it all in the ring.

Despite not winning the match, chants for Tiffany Stratton were running wild. Moreover, the fans heavily booed Liv Morgan when she eliminated Tiffany from the match.


But the shocking part was hearing loud chants for her even when she was not present. The WWE Universe went wild with Tiffy time chants during the Men’s Elimination Chamber match and she took to her X to express her excitement and gratitude for the fans in Australia.

“No way💀🤣 y’all are amazing 🤭❤️.”

With Tiffany Stratton starting to get over with the fans in a big way, it would be interesting to see this new chapter in her WWE career unfold.

What are your thoughts about the WWE Universe chanting for Tiffany Stratton during the Men’s chamber match? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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