Kevin Owens is one of the most athletically skilled and remarkable in-ring performers in WWE today. But before he became a top-caliber star of the global juggernaut, Owens was a mainstay in Ring of Honor wrestling.

Despite being considered as one of the backbones of the promotion, Kevin Owens recently made a shocking revelation in regards to his run in Ring of Honor that lasted from 2011 till 2013.

During conversation with Wrestle Radio Australia after the Elimination Chamber press conference earlier this week, KO stated that he chooses not to look at his past in-ring tenure, claiming that he would not do the things he did in Ring of Honor back in the day.

However, Owens did mention in the end that the entire cringe stuff he did ultimately paid off as it helped him reach the place he wanted to go, WWE.


I mean, this is a lot closer to myself than I am, you know, the Ring of Honor stuff. A lot of it was about shocking people and trying to get my name out there and for better or for worse, you know? There’s a lot of things I did back then that I would not do today. You know what I mean? So I’m glad that I’ve managed to get to where I wanted to get to, and the Ring of Honor years are great years for me, but they’re not necessarily years I even look back on. I don’t really watch that stuff back. If I did, I’d probably cringe at a lot of stuff I did. You know, licking people’s blood and just a lot of crazy things in the ring that I probably shouldn’t have been doing. But, you know, it all paid off ultimately. I am where I wanted to go.”

Kevin Owens joined WWE in 2015, starting his career in their developmental brand, NXT. He would then go on to win multiple championships, accolades and headline their premier show, WrestleMania on two separate occasions.

The Prize Fighter has been embroiled in heated rivalry with WWE United States Champion Logan Paul with their last title bout ending in a disqualification win for Paul. We will have to wait and see if KO could reinsert himself into another title opportunity with WrestleMania 40 on the horizon.

What are your thoughts on Kevin Owens’ run in Ring of Honor? Do you agree with him calling it the things he did in ROH cringe? Sound off in the comments!

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