WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan is one of the biggest and most influential names in the pro wrestling business, but he isn’t without his fair share of controversies as well. He saved a teenager from a car accident last month and he is now looking back on it.

As reported earlier, Hulk Hogan, along with his wife and a friend, was driving along a Clearwater, FL, highway when they witnessed a car accident unfolding directly in front of them on Sunday night. This is when Hogan took action.

The car involved in the accident swerved erratically across lanes, seemingly attempting to make a last-minute exit. Unfortunately, this erratic maneuver resulted in a collision with another vehicle, causing it to flip over.

Hogan and his friend promptly stopped to offer assistance. They quickly approached the shaken woman trapped in the overturned car. Despite the challenging circumstances, Hogan and his friend effectively rescued the woman from the vehicle.


While speaking with Erick Stakelbeck, Hulk Hogan reflected on saving the young girl from the mishap. Hogan mentioned that he and his friend Jake approached the vehicle and noticed that the airbags had been deployed, obstructing their view inside the car.

To safely assist her, Hogan had to use a ballpoint pen to break the airbags. Despite the severity of the crash, they were surprised to find that the teenage girl inside the flipped vehicle was relatively unharmed.

 “My main concern was that so many cars were coming off at speed that we might get rear-ended and then run into her and finish the job that might have already happened in the car. The main thing was to get the traffic stopped and see how many people were in the car, and get her out of the car.”

“It was like a miracle. She was 17 years old, shaking like a little wet puppy, scared to death. And by looking at her, she had no injuries, no broken arms, no broken legs, no blood, no nothing.”

Fans continue to applaud Hulk Hogan for his courageous act to save the young girl and it is likely he gained a ton of respect from even his haters for the move. We will have to wait and see what’s next in store for The Hulkster.

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