The world of combat sports and entertainment is dominated by two of the biggest entities under the same parent company TKO Group Holdings, WWE and UFC.

The years of dominance have been built by some of the most passionate and driven individuals looking to make the sport enthralling and exciting for its fan base, with WWE CCO Triple H and UFC President Dana White being at the helm of that conversation.

Dana White recently announced fulfilling his goal of walking through the halls of the UFC Performance Institute in Mexico. White stated that this high-tech and advanced facility would have a huge impact on the city, as well as both in Central and South America.

“This has been a dream and goal of mine since 2001. To finally be here and walk the halls of the @ufc Performance Institute in Mexico City is a monumental moment in the history of our sport. The impact this facility will have on Mexico, as well as, both Central and South America will be MASSIVE.”


Triple H took notice of Dana White conquering his dream that has been on his mind since 2001 and took to his X to regard his history-making prowess and impact in the MMA business.

“Congratulations, @danawhite! @ufc continues to make history and change the game.”

With both top sports giants under one umbrella now, it would be interesting to see how Triple H and Dana White can collaborate together to produce some of the highly anticipated crossover bouts between WWE and UFC.

What are your thoughts on Dana White’s recent accomplishment? Do you see Triple H and Dana White putting together WWE vs UFC crossover bouts? Sound off in the comments!

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