John Cena recently made an appearance on SiriusXM’s The Howard Stern Show, where he engaged in a wide-ranging discussion covering his journey to WWE stardom and his diverse roles in film, from comedic performances in “Ricky Stanicky” to action-packed ventures like “Fast X” and “The Peacemaker.”

During the conversation, Cena touched upon the topic of retirement from WWE. He expressed a belief that he could continue wrestling until the age of 50, but he doubted he could extend his career beyond that milestone. Cena humorously suggested that upon reaching 50, if no plans for further events were in place, he would announce his retirement via social media with a simple tweet: “I’m out. Hashtag: see ya.”

“I think I can make it to 50, but I don’t think I can make it past 50. I think that at 50 — if we don’t plan [another event] — I just have to tweet: ‘I’m out. Hashtag: see ya.’”

“Everyone wants to write their last chapter, but that’s beyond my control,” he continued.


Acknowledging the uncertainty surrounding the timing of one’s final chapter, Cena remained philosophical, accepting that such decisions are often beyond one’s control. He reflected on his two decades with WWE, recognizing the significance of that period in his life and career.

Co-host Robin Quivers expressed surprise at Cena’s retirement remarks, suggesting that he could feasibly continue for another decade.

“You could do this for another 10 years. I don’t think this is the end,” she told Cena. “You look great.”

In response, Cena shared a laugh and acknowledged the physical toll that wrestling takes, suggesting that it’s not just about how one looks but also about how they feel afterward.

Despite the uncertainty, Cena’s comments underscored his appreciation for his time in WWE and his willingness to embrace whatever the future may hold.

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