Scott Hall was regarded as one of the most charismatic and enthralling WWE superstars of all time. Whether it was being the Bad Guy, Razon Ramon, or the big boy of the nWo, Hall could do it all.

However, after an unfortunate incident, Scott Hall passed away in March 2022 leaving behind family, friends, and loved ones.

Hall’s daughter, Cassidy recently took to her TikTok to post a throwback clip from the 1990s that showcased her father and two of his best friends, Kevin Nash and Triple H spending time with him and his family.

@kickassidy_ little throwback to ‘97 with dad, kevin, and paul  #scotthall #razorramon #wwe#nwo #nwo4life #wolfpac #kevinnash #bigsexy #tripleh #wrestling #wrestlemania #smackdown #raw #90swrestling #90swrestlers #toosweet ♬ original sound – Cassidy.”


Scott Hall became a prominent singles WWE superstar as Razor Ramon, known for his flamboyant outlook, brash personality, and emerging as a favorite despite being the bad guy, typically called a heel in professional wrestling. Moreover, he, Nash, and Hunter were also a part of the popular backstage faction known as ‘The Kliq.’

Hall left WWE in the mid-1990s alongside Kevin Nash, and the duo made their debut for their rival promotion, WCW. Coming into the company as ‘The Outsiders’, they further aligned with Hulk Hogan with the trio forming one of the most legendary factions of all time, nWo.

While his physical presence may no longer be around us, Scott Hall’s career, contributions to the business, and legacy would continue to live on forever through his peers and family.

What are your thoughts on seeing this throwback video featuring Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, and Triple H? Sound off in the comments!

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