WWE star Liv Morgan recently found herself amidst a Twitter controversy surrounding a nickname shared with former ECW and WWE star Francine.

Ahead of the release of WWE 2K24 on March 8, WWE Games had been sharing various wrestler entrances to build excitement. One such entry was Liv Morgan’s, captioned as ‘Queen of Extreme’.

This caught the attention of Francine, who claimed ownership of the ‘Queen of Extreme’ trademark, expressing her concerns and even hinting at legal action. WWE Games swiftly changed the caption to ‘You Only Liv Once’ in response.

“Hey @WWEgames I have The Queen of Extreme trademarked. Do you need something sent to you guys again from my lawyer?”


“To all the ignorant 20somethings that are trolling me, I’ve used #QueenOfExtreme for decades and paid for the trademark. Which means no one else can use it. It starts with a tweet, then used in entrances and on games, mags, etc. You have to fight for what is legally yours.”

While Francine appreciated the adjustment, Liv Morgan seemed to subtly address the situation in a tweet, referring to herself as the “Queen of extremely absurd physical feats,” which many interpreted as a playful jab at the controversy.

Despite the change in caption and Liv Morgan’s response, Francine expressed gratitude for the resolution and the support received while indicating she had utilized the block feature on Twitter amidst the discussions.

How do you think the recent Twitter controversy involving Liv Morgan and Francine over the ‘Queen of Extreme’ nickname reflects the complexities surrounding trademark ownership and legal considerations in the professional wrestling industry, and what lessons can be drawn from this incident moving forward? Let us know in the comments below.

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