Drew McIntyre has brought his menacing and fiery antics with him to Australia for WWE’s upcoming PLE, Elimination Chamber this week. But he did not even spare the local animals of the Land Down Under to take a shot at one of his chamber competitors, LA Knight.

The Megastar was spotted doing a local sighting in Perth, Australia which even led to him visiting some Koalas on the way. LA Knight was seen holding one of those lovely animals in his arms which caught Drew McIntyre’s attention.

The Scottish Warrior took to his X to post a screenshot in response to LA Knight holding a Koala in his arms.

It read information about Chylamdia, a bacterial disease prevalent in both wild and captive Koalas that can spread through the geographical range.


While it was not clear, it seemed as if McIntyre was indicating that LA Knight might have been affected by the Koala during his visit.

We will have to wait and see if WWE takes Drew McIntyre’s possible theory under serious consideration to do a medical evaluation of LA Knight before allowing him to compete in the Men’s Elimination Chamber match this Saturday.

Do you think LA Knight might have contracted the bacterial disease? Or was it just one of Drew McIntyre’s villainous tactics as seen for weeks? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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