WWE has been making records across all its avenues, with its house shows being a huge contributor to their revenue streams. Moreover, one of the recent WWE live events did astonishing numbers in many years.

The company held a live event on Sunday night in Fresno, CA, featuring top-tier WWE superstars and matches. Furthermore, it was headlined by the physically grueling street fight between heated rivals, Shinsuke Nakamura and Cody Rhodes.

Dave Meltzer stated on the recent installment of the Wrestling Observer Radio that the Sunday show drew one of the biggest crowds in over twenty years. The last time live events were loaded with WWE fans at that level was special tractions held in the World’s Most Famous Arena, Madison Square Garden.

Meltzer noted that this live event drew about 10,000 fans which was a shocking number for a small market like Fresno, CA, unlike major markets like Detroit.


“They did almost 10,000 people, and that was the biggest house show crowd for any WWE show aside from Madison Square Garden, which, I’m not going to say doesn’t count, but it’s completely different. But it was the biggest house show crowd that they’ve done in the United States since August of 2001, which was right after the pandemic.

They did like 10,000 people for a show in Detroit. And it’s like Fresno is not exactly Detroit, and it’s certainly not Madison Square Garden. Fresno has always been a good wrestling city overall, but not like a great wrestling city, but always a good one per capita. It usually does better than most cities of its size. But, 10,000 people for a house show, and it was just a normal house show. It was nothing.”

With business booming through the roof for the global juggernaut, it would be interesting to see if they can keep the momentum going by drawing huge numbers for their future WWE live events.

What are your thoughts on WWE drawing huge numbers at the recent live event? Did it come to you as a surprise that they pulled it off in a small market? Sound off in the comments!

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