Josh Alexander is a major part of TNA’s immediate future. Alexander found great success with the promotion and helped TNA re-establish the company’s reputation for elite wrestling during his 335-day title run. Now, the promotion has decided to retain Alexander to continue their success.

As per Sports Illustrated, the wrestling company exercised their option to extend Alexander’s contract. However, the exact terms of the contract were not disclosed. Sources close to the company revealed that the contract runs for the next year, at the minimum.

In a statement to the outlet, Alexander shared his excitement about getting back in the game and continuing his career with TNA. He added that with the rebranding and return of the iconic letters, TNA, it further fueled his desire to return to the ring. He also revealed that he’s got a lot of work to do this year and wants to bring home more “gold” for his son.

“With the rebranding and the return of those iconic letters, TNA, those letters that inspired me to get in the ring in the first place and chase this wild dream of being a wrestler, I’ve dreamt of that moment, being there at Hard To Kill, hearing those letters,”


“I got a lot of work to do this year. I have to find some success because I think more so than myself, the 15-year-old kid who was sitting on the couch never dreamt this was possible wouldn’t believe that I could be TNA World Champion or TNA X-Division Champion, things that are still on my bucket list, but, I know my son wants me to bring home some gold.”

After being sidelined for months due to triceps injury, Alexander is back to his best form. He once again proved his in-ring dominance on his Hard To Kill pay-per-view match last month against Alex Hammerstone, as well as his match the very next night against Will Ospreay. Stay tuned to Ringside News for more!

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