Mandy Rose has been recognized as one of the most accomplished celebrities ever since she left her former promotion, WWE in 2022.

However, before her exit from the company, she had a major career resurgence in WWE’s developmental territory, NXT in 2021. But it was surprising to learn that Mandy dismissed one of the best moments during that tenure as her own personal favorite.

During an episode of her Power and Play podcast with her husband Tino Sabbatelli, he revealed that according to a news website, the top moment in Mandy’s WWE career was her winning the NXT Women’s championship, defeating Raquel Rodriguez at Halloween Havoc 2021.

But to the surprise of many, Rose clearly mentioned that it was not her best moment in the company. Instead, her impressive 413-day reign as champion would be on the top of her best WWE moments.


“So I feel like it was definitely one of my best moments, but I wouldn’t say that it was like the actual best moment because I look it like that definitely having that NXT Women’s championship definitely catapulted me into … you know having the long run and kind of putting respect on my name and really gaining that respect from the fans, but I wouldn’t say the actual moment … I think like the 413 days were the best moments of my career.”

While Mandy Rose continues to enjoy a lot of success with multiple ventures outside WWE, her return to the squared circle after a long absence would surely be a mesmerizing sight for the WWE Universe to witness.

What do you think was Mandy Rose’s greatest WWE moment that happened? Sound off in the comments!

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