Many WWE Superstars tuned in to watch Super Bowl LVIII, and the celebration was vibrant as the Kansas City Chiefs emerged victorious. Jason Kelce notably added to the festivities by wearing a Rey Mysterio mask both after the event and during parties. Kelce also revealed why he wore the mask in the first place.

Following the Chiefs’ victory, they threw a massive party that included their own WWE Championship. Jason Kelce was seen showcasing dance moves while donning Rey Mysterio mask at the afterparty.

While speaking on their New Heights podcast, Jason and Travis Kelce shared their experience with a lucha mask. Jason found it trampled on the floor enroute from the VIP area. He picked it up without rinsing it, emphasizing the spontaneous decision to wear it. Travis joked about the mask’s owner likely searching for it.

Jason: ”I left the VIP area and, en route, saw something on the floor that was being trampled over. I picked it up and right away, I was like, ‘Oh, hell yes.”’


Travis: ”Did you at least give it a quick rinse under the sink?”

Jason: ”No. Where was I going to rinse it off? You see a luchador mask, you don’t ask questions. You just put that thing on. I’m sorry for whoever I stole that from.”

Travis: ”Exactly. Whose was it? They probably went back there looking for it.”

They highlighted the unpredictability of the situation, expressing their resilience when partying. Jason Kelce admitted concerns about getting pink eye but embraced the unique mask, comparing it to a mix of Mankind and Rey Mysterio.

Jason: ”That’s part of the beauty of this whole thing. It just appeared out of nowhere.”

Travis: ”We’re so similar. When we get hammered, we’re like invincible. Pink eye can’t stop us.”

Jason: ”I for sure thought I was getting pink eye. There is no chance I thought I was getting out of that mask without having pink eye.”

Travis: ”I was electric, and it matched the outfit so perfect. It made you look like someone’s favorite wrestler. My favorite wrestler now.”

Jason: ”Like Mankind and Rey Mysterio had a baby.”

Seth Rollins has already extended an invitation to Jason and Travis Kelce for WrestleMania 40 in Philadelphia. We will have to wait and see whether they will be at the Premium Live Event in the end.

Is Jason Kelce someone you want to become a part of the WWE family? Do you want to see the Kelce brothers at WrestleMania 40? Let us know in the comments section below!

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