The immediate future within the wrestling ring for El Hijo del Vikingo has been cast into uncertainty following a recent event where the wrestler encountered what appears to be a severe injury.

Mas Lucha took to Twitter to notify fans that Vikingo’s scheduled match at the López Mateos Arena had to be abruptly halted due to a significant injury to his right knee. Assessments conducted at the arena have sparked concerns that Vikingo may have sustained ligament damage. Additionally, Mas Lucha shared images depicting Vikingo receiving medical attention on-site.

“El Hijo del Vikingo could not finish the fight in the López Mateos Arena. He injured his right knee after a movement.”

“After the first assessment in the arena, there is talk that it may be a ligament rupture.”


This recent setback adds to a string of challenges for Vikingo, who previously endured a notable injury towards the end of 2023. During an ROH event, Vikingo suffered a hip injury stemming from a mistimed dive, necessitating the use of a wheelchair post-match. Notably, this incident occurred merely a month after Vikingo collapsed backstage at AAA TripleMania XXXI: Mexico City. A circulating video on social media captured the moment when Vikingo was found backstage, subsequently being stretchered away.

El Hijo del Vikingo presently holds the AAA Mega Championship in his inaugural reign, a title he clinched at Triplemanía Regia II in December 2021 through a victorious five-way match, seizing the vacant championship. With an impressive reign spanning over 800 days, Vikingo holds the record for the lengthiest tenure in the title’s history. He also boasts the second-highest cumulative days as champion, trailing only behind El Texano Jr.’s 1,096 days across two reigns. Vikingo’s record-breaking tenure further extends to the most title defenses, totaling an impressive 23 defenses.

What implications do you think El Hijo del Vikingo’s recent knee injury could have for his wrestling career? Let us know in the comments below.

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