Matt Riddle has not missed an opportunity to take a shot at WWE or the management since his shocking release from the company last year. While Riddle is someone who has not been able to stay out of controversies lately, one of the hottest topics in the wrestling world currently involves Vince McMahon. 

The former CEO of WWE had been accused of sex trafficking and abuse a couple of months ago, eventually leading to him resigning from the company. While numerous women have come on to make things worse for McMahon, Matt Riddle also believes it to be true. 

While the former WWE superstar did tag his interactions with Vince as ‘awesome’, he couldn’t stay back from calling the latter ‘maniac’. In an interview with Saturday Night’s Main Event, Riddle elaborated his initial chat with McMahon and how Bruce Prichard helped him land a job in WWE. 

“He thought I was goofy. If anything, the first time we met, he didn’t like me because I was goofy. He was like ‘You’re goofy.’ And I’m like ‘Yeah I’m goofy, but it’s a good thing.’ He’s like ‘Being a goof isn’t a good thing.’ And I’m like ‘Well, I’m a goof that can kick your ass.’ You could tell that didn’t make him happy. And then Bruce Prichard hopped in and was like ‘Hey Vince, he’s pretty good at wrestling. Trust me.'”


WWE released Matt Riddle following his own controversy where he accused a police officer of sexually assaulting him at the JFK Airport in New York. An officer then revealed that Riddle was heavily intoxicated during the transfer of flights when he ‘acted disruptive’.

Since then, the former United States Champion has made appearances in MLW and New Japan, apart from some other independent promotions.

Do you think Matt Riddle has a chance at coming back to WWE after his recent comments about the promotion? Drop your take in the comments section below.

Ishaan Rathi

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